Who we are

FMDevelopers is a team of experienced programmers and consultants.
We deliver applications and systems which improve operations of your company, decrease costs and increase its efficiency. We have commercial experience in cooperation with, among others, public sector as well as banking, energy and insurance industries. We operate in many market areas and provide support to both big and medium-sized companies.

Comprehensive support for your company

We start our cooperation with an in-depth analysis of your needs and expectations. We familiarize ourselves with your business goals and IT strategy. We analyze gathered information in the context of current trends, best market practices and our own experience. Finally, we strive to provide optimum solutions.


Our employees are trustworthy consultants and programmers with several years of experience in delivering commercial projects.

  • Our team is qualified in areas such as FileMaker, .NET, Java and relational databases.
  • We create mobile and web applications.
  • We analyze, test and conduct training for developers.
  • We design and deliver dedicated systems, e.g. of Workflow type or CRM.
  • Project management is one of the things we do best.
  • We welcome challenges which require nonstandard approach and creativity.

During our several years in the business we have learned that immediate reaction to Clients’ needs and optimization of costs are keys to success. We realize the importance of time and this is why we deliver all projects as swiftly as possible. Simultaneously we build our competitive advantage through low costs of our services.

Long-term cooperation

We believe that the high quality of our services and our individual approach to your needs allow us to not only delivery high quality solutions improving your company operations but also to build trust which later pays off during next projects that we implement together. Our clients appreciate cooperating with us and the majority of them stay with us for a long time.

Save your time and money with us