FileMaker offers 16 ready solution templates (so-called start solutions) which meet the basic needs of data management in your organization.

You can access the tools designed by our specialists through a desktop, the Web, iPhones and iPads. However, if they do not meet your expectations, our consultants are ready to modify and develop them so that they ideally fit the structure and mode of operation of your organization.


A tool useful for project management. It allows for planning and monitoring of a project delivery. Deadlines, tasks, resources, progress, notes and other details presented in a clear and readable way.


A tool which allows for the management of different types of files, such as: text files, music, pictures and other. Additionally it allows users to track the history of file versions.


A tool for storing meeting minutes together with the active plan of their implementation. It allows for tracking deadlines of assigned tasks.


A tool supporting management of company resources such as people, materials, equipment or locations.

Products Catalogue

A useful set of information about products such as serial number, prices, photos.


A comprehensive approach to inventory level management of products and resources. It allows for a detailed description of the inventory level and its elements. Searchable by category, value, last order, etc.

Business Cards / Contacts

This tool allows for the management of contact information – both personal and business contacts. Address, telephone, email and many other personalized data.

Staff – personnel data

Personnel data management, including date of employment, salary, date of contract extension, etc.


This tool allows for the creation of clients and products database. It is a perfect solution for issuing invoices and their future management.


Monitoring of tasks, stages of their completion and deadlines for any project.


A tool for the creation of product and services offers.


Organized information concerning company assets. This tool allows for the monitoring of data describing inventory such name, category, serial number or purchase date.

Employee expenses

This system allows for the monitoring of employee expenses. It makes reporting of amounts, approvers, locations, sources, etc. much easier.


A tool for fundraising events, seminars or fairs. It allows for the management of details concerning events, agenda, invited guests list, etc.


This system allows for the tracking of the number of hours worked and billing them in a chosen format.

Research results description

This tool allows for gathering and reorganization of notes connected with a given research.