You are already using FileMaker platform and you would like to improve the operations of your organization?

We offer application development and maintenance. We will adjust and develop tools you are currently using, introduce changes to already existing FileMaker solutions, optimize and integrate data within your company. Thanks to cooperating with us you will have access to our request log.
Contact us and find out what we can do for you.

What do we offer?

  • maintenance and development of FileMaker applications
  • version update, optimization and maintenance of FileMaker servers
  • increasing the productivity of the solutions implemented in your company, regardless of the company which has implemented them
  • decreasing the costs of your company operations
  • introduction of any changes to the systems based on FileMaker

Flexible forms of cooperation

We offer very advantageous contract conditions and professional support: constant telephone contact and remote desktop. The most important elements of our methodology are a detailed analysis of your requirements, constant monitoring of business relevance of implemented projects and a swift reaction to all necessary changes which take place in your company and market environment. Contracts that we sign with each client are individually negotiated and their provisions are adjusted to the Client’s needs.

We quickly address your needs. We provide access to our request log where you can track the history and status of requests.

  •  We install, configure, optimize, backup, update and maintain FileMaker servers.
  • We modify and develop systems built on FileMaker platform.
  • We support, when needed, both end users and IT administrators.

Check the efficiency of our consultants who will help to maintain and develop FileMaker environment in your company.