Easy and efficient data management

FileMaker platform is an innovative and flexible IT tool which has been gaining popularity with big corporations, among authorities, educational institutions as well as with the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world.

FileMaker allows for creation of visually attractive solutions which serve the management of data of any kind. Dedicated applications increase the efficiency of your organization operations and allow for the unification of dispersed resources. Additionally, you gain access to your data from any device: iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac operating systems as well as through web browsers.

Management of the data flow, project planning, documents sharing, client management and report generation are not the only advantages of FileMaker platform. The possibility of achieving the expected results under the budget and ahead of the deadline as well as the high flexibility of FileMaker solutions allow for efficient adjustment of tools to changes which take place in your company and its market environment.

Improve your organization operations

FileMaker platform opens numerous possibilities for your organization and improves its operation in the following areas:

  • delivery of key data on time
  • better flow of information between employees
  • faster document flow
  • increased efficiency of cooperation with external entities
  • shorter lead time
  • optimization of processes which up until now have been human error-prone

Choose FileMaker platform to become an even more competitive player on the market and to increase the probability of being successful in the future!

Easy data management

An intuitive and esthetic graphic interface and built-in start solutions are only a few of FileMaker advantages. Examine the possibilities of one of 16 ready start solutions which you will receive in your package. If you will not find an appropriate solution, especially for you we will design and implement applications which will allow automation of selected business processes in your organization. You can count on our support also during maintenance and development of selected solutions.

Fast database creation and data import

FileMaker platform allows for fast and efficient database creation. If you are currently using tool such as CSV, XML or MS Excel, FileMaker will import the data easily. For example, data which so far have been stored in MS Excel files can now be quickly imported through a simple drag and drop to the system created within FileMaker. At the later stage the data entered into FileMaker can simultaneously populate in your spreadsheets. If you need even more tailored or complex solutions, we can develop them according to your request.

Integration with external data sources

FileMaker platform allows for integration with other data sources used by your organization. Databases based on MySQL, MS SQL, Excel and XML are no issue. No programming skills are required to communicate with the listed databases. Due to this functionality, systems created on FileMaker platform efficiently adjust to IT solutions implemented previously in your company.

Clear reports and charts

FileMaker platform has everything which is required for fast and efficient
report generation. Asset monitoring, inventory level management, resource planning, project management, expenses and forecasting are only a few examples of areas in which you can generate necessary reports with just a few clicks.
If you need to visualize a given set of data using readable charts – nothing can be easier. Their creation is similar to using popular spreadsheets. Data for reports and charts generation can be populated in real time regardless if they are sourced from FileMaker platform or from an external database.

Data sharing

Easy setup of key data sharing process is one of the basic advantages of FileMaker platform. It can be used simultaneously by many users in different locations. Sharing function in FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server allows for fast sharing of database with Windows, OS X, iPad and iPhone users. There is also a possibility to share selected tools with external entities, e.g. business partners. It is possible thanks to a sharing function in a web browser or through a web application designed specifically for this purpose.

iPhone and iPad applications

FileMaker platform allows for the creation of solutions working simultaneously on several devices. Not only on Windows computers or the Web. It is also compatible with Mac computers and devices such as iPhone and iPad. FileMaker platform allows for a wide implementation of mobile applications in your company. Now you have access to the development of database applications for iOS which can be completely tailored to your needs, which is easier and cheaper than using traditional software.